mastodon dev considering to switch away from 'toot' because it is not serious enough.

Quite some interesting back and forth 🍿 for example the fact that the origin of toot lies in that eugen got challenged by hbomberguy to use it in return for patreon support lol

Although I always found it a slightly cringey word, I do think it adds much to the culture, lore and attitude of the project. I honestly think the slight cringe is way nicer than going the route of generic-acceptable-open-source-aesthetic like NC, Mattermost etc which are just so profoundly bland and un-fun? Would be sad if Mastodon becoming enterprise ready means it loses its own (visual) language.

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btw our hometown instance already removed all references to toot (that is part of the hometown mods..)

and here is the thread with hbomberguy:

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@rra why did hometown erase "toot" from the interface?

@entreprecariat To have more of a 'blank slate' for instance admins to customize and make it less mastodon-y and more fediverse-y:

@entreprecariat I always have to think about the big button which says POST is a really good anagram for STOP, which stops me at least 50% of the time from posting things :doge:

@entreprecariat @rra I use the French localization of the LURK hometown instance, and it still uses "POUET" so did the hometown cleaning was only for the English UI? I would vote that the much superior 🥖 "POUET" 🇫🇷 becomes the mastodon standard for all languages. No more toots, problem solved :)
(suggested background music for this thread contribution: La Marseillaise)

@rra It's interesting to me that some people were unaware of the connotations of the word "toot" with bodily functions. I guess my bubble is more bubbly than I thought.

@rra to me the red flag is not so much the word "post" but the very idea of being "taken seriously". By whom? How? The category of seriousness signals a trajectory that is typical of startups, think of the original goofiness of Google or Yahoo…

@entreprecariat @rra I'm good as long as there won't be hearts instead of stars.

@despens @entreprecariat @rra I was hoping they'd change the button text to "Squeeze the Cheese".

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