Google FLoC is pretty terrible huh?

@air_pump @rra
As this is on the limits (beyooondd 鈽勶笍 馃洶锔 馃敪 ) of my practice, this seems very specific to the api-platform:: setting this HTTP header: Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()

How would you signal this in a Wordpress, html site or Spip (ha)?

Trying to get my headcoldy head around this. Hatchoum Bless you.

@wendy @rra ah yes, I know nothing about this. Saw @rra's toot, saw that tweet, posted 馃す

@air_pump @rra
In the meantime I had a sniff around and about

Permissions-Policy: interest-cohort=()
I quote: " So it鈥檚 up to us, developers, to get this header into every web server (e.g., nginx, Caddy, etc.), every web tool (e.g., Wordpress, Wix, etc)鈥 heck, into anything that returns a web response on the planet today."

--> Also, it would seem that chromium would be the AI harvester browser.
Alhough Firefox who still gets g$$gle $$ has not responded.
And of course Chromium is default on all Android phones 馃槬

To Be Continued!

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