> tfw @darius has written a book about your favorite videogame.

JA2 is hands down one of the best and weirdest games made. Released in 1999 people are still modding it over 20 years later. Other studios have purchased the naming rights and developed all kinds of sequels and spin-offs but no one has managed to get even close. The mods are pretty good however (mostly building on never finished features already present in the engine) and one can come back to the game every few years.

Looking forward to read it!

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@rra @darius love this publisher: content, design, titles.. feel like buying all the books in bulk

@rra hah, I had a dream about my book just last night!

@rra @darius this is one of the best book covers of all time

@rra @darius Oh wow, haven't checked my mastodon for at least a year and one of the first things I see is your post :D I played this game a lot in my youth and didn't know about that book. Will read it soon, thanks for sharing :blobaww:

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