Today I'm taking part in the 'Public Spaces' conference, organized by a coalition of public institutions in the Netherlands that wants to shift to a more publicly owned and minded internet infrastructure ecosystem.

I'm primarily there to listen. I'm quite curious what questions and needs public institutions might have regarding their IT and what moves they are willing to make.

However, I will also make a case for and as important 'building blocks' of such an ecosystem during another session.

This coalition is ambitious and there are pitfalls here and there, but all in all, I think it is a really important opportunity to for example shift procurement priorities etc.

Both events are in Dutch, but I believe other parts of the conference are English.

@rra this looks really interesting, please report back on your findings


@anreoh uff there is so much. I would say on the level of 'problematization' orgs are only now realizing things and there was a lot of 'mapping of alternatives' going on. But there is a lot of willingness. The recordings are on the website I believe

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