How long have you been using your current daily use smartphone? What model is it? How did you manage to keep it going? What repairs did it need? Boosts appreciated!


I've had a oneplus 2 since 2015. Immediately flashed lineage OS without Gapps on it, which I have been using since. Surprised the battery still lasts a day despite heavy use. It is pretty dented and scratched but the screen is still intact, as I had a protective foil on the screen from the beginning. Aside from occasionally removing compacted dust in either of the cable ports I haven't had to do any repairs.

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@rra I also have OnePlus! I had the OnePlus 1 and it lasted me 3 years until I scratched the simcard tray (this was due to my own stupidity πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ) but still works perfectly today (I tried it recently), then I got the OnePlus 3, I still have these phone since 2017 and it works better than some phones that were released later. I upgraded to the OnePlus 6t (and gifted the 3 to needy friends who got great use from it, I just needed a larger storage, I'll never get the smallest GB size with OnePlus again, as they outlive a time when that much storage is sufficient), that was in Jan 20, and it's still performing as good as when I got it. In my own experience ever OnePlus I've had has outperformed all competitors not only on features, but mostly on longevity

@rra I've bought used a oneplus 2 a few (2-4) years ago, installed #lineageOS and #fdroid and I love it πŸ’–
No repairs needed, only the usb-c cable didn't make it. Can recommend :)

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