How long have you been using your current daily use smartphone? What model is it? How did you manage to keep it going? What repairs did it need? Boosts appreciated!

I've had a oneplus 2 since 2015. Immediately flashed lineage OS without Gapps on it, which I have been using since. Surprised the battery still lasts a day despite heavy use. It is pretty dented and scratched but the screen is still intact, as I had a protective foil on the screen from the beginning. Aside from occasionally removing compacted dust in either of the cable ports I haven't had to do any repairs.

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@rra @praxeology I voted +6 years but I have an old Nokia dumbphone so maybe that's cheating ;) The thing doesn't seem to die, and I just happened to have ordered a new battery yesterday!

@rra iphone 5s / replenishing batteries & removing charging jack fluff

@rra Motorola one macro. Nothing needed on this one (yet) but it replaced a phone that had needed me to replace the screen twice (the 2nd didn't go as well as the first!)

@rra 3-4 years here: Galaxy S7.

I bought an Otterbox case, so the many scrapes and bangs it has taken over the years has had no effect.

Unfortunately, it's not a particularly repairable phone and there are neither official nor open source updates, so I'm planning on getting something new soon, especially as the non-replacable battery is getting pretty close to unusable.

The key to success with a phone like this is adapting to annoying issues. :-P

@rra iphone 5s 6 years old. Still works as new. It’s only my second smartphone. Used 3s model 7 years and even that one is still working.

2nd hand (but basically brand new at the time) Zuk Z2plus that I moved to Lineage+microg.
I almost always use it in power save mode so I did not need to do anything yet

@rra On the last legs of a pixel 2. It's working completely fine except the battery needs charging several times a day. Not a problem for now but once I need to travel I'll need to replace my phone as the battery can't be repaired (ifixit gave it a very difficult repairability rating)


I'm just about to give up on my fairphone 2, which I don't remember the age of. I've replaced the battery at least once and the bottom module at least twice. It needs new bottom module now, because I dropped it and it broke, so I can't charge the phone. I've been using an external charger and I just switch the batteries twice a day.

I /could/ fix it, so this feels quite wasteful, but I'm going to find it a new home or use it as a wifi device.

@rra Motorola X4. 3 years old. Running LineageOS. No repair needed so far. 🤞🏻

@xuv @rra same here, my X4 is over three years old now. I never changed from the stock OS though.

The battery life isn't what it used to be, but it's still running fine.

There's a tiny patch at the bottom right where it seems the screen glass is kinda separating from the back but it's only on a non-functional bit so far. No effect on usability.

@rra I have a new fairphone 3 but before that I had a fairphone 2 which lasted 5 years. It was easy to repair because the design is modular, so when the bottom speaker/mic broke I just order the new part for 30€ of the website and replaced it myself. #Fairphone my partner's Huawei is pretty robust and has lasted 4 years so far, the previous one we got repaired in a unbranded phone repair kiosk in town, they're generally a lot cheaper then going to an official outlet.

@rra Samsung Galaxy S5, bought refurbished.
Had a Galaxy S III Mini before and used it for about 6 years but sadly had to replace it last summer (LineageOS no longer really supported, power button broken).

I'm using a Pixel 3a that's about to turn 2 in a few months. No case, no repairs, and the battery is still doing ok but it's gotten really sloooooow.

Might factory reset it or flash a custom rom on it soon.

@rra using a moto g5 plus, have had it since may 2017. I instantly put on a custom rom, can't remeber what the first one was, but I have used lineage os for a long while and am now on Arrow OS which has an android 11 build for this phone. Haven't needed to do any repairs, battery is holing up very well, I often need to clean out the micro USB with needle tweasers, only few USB cables will actually reliably charge the phone.

@rra I have a pixel 2 that I got in 2018 for free as part of a game development thing. it's my first smartphone (was on feature phones for 8 years) and for the most part it has held up without any maintenance on my part.

@rra I also have OnePlus! I had the OnePlus 1 and it lasted me 3 years until I scratched the simcard tray (this was due to my own stupidity 🤦‍♂️) but still works perfectly today (I tried it recently), then I got the OnePlus 3, I still have these phone since 2017 and it works better than some phones that were released later. I upgraded to the OnePlus 6t (and gifted the 3 to needy friends who got great use from it, I just needed a larger storage, I'll never get the smallest GB size with OnePlus again, as they outlive a time when that much storage is sufficient), that was in Jan 20, and it's still performing as good as when I got it. In my own experience ever OnePlus I've had has outperformed all competitors not only on features, but mostly on longevity

@rra I've bought used a oneplus 2 a few (2-4) years ago, installed #lineageOS and #fdroid and I love it 💖
No repairs needed, only the usb-c cable didn't make it. Can recommend :)

@rra samsung galaxy A3, 3.5yrs, runs just fine since I got it.

@freebliss @rra Samsung Galaxy S6. New Microphone. New Battery. New OS: LineageOS.

@rra Galaxy S7 that I've had for a few months. It's a hand-me-down from a family member who had it for about three years. It has a few icons burned into part of the screen and two small scratches, but neither really bother me. I unlocked it and put /e/ OS on it. The battery still works fine except on subzero days.

@rra I have an iPhone X which I dropped into a river by accident. Pulled it apart to clean out condensation and replace the battery using an iFixit guide; when it went back together the FaceId was broken but everything else works fine. Not really the easiest device to work with.

@rra i got my phone in jan 2020? google pixel 3a. no repairs so far and it didn't cost nearly as much as flagship smartphones tend to go for these days. The battery still seems to be fine and sometimes I've fallen asleep and woken up with the screen still on and the phone warm... I hope I don't have to get a new phone for awhile. The phone before this was a iPhone 5s that I got in,... 2015-2016? And I basically moved on because iOS was getting really sluggish and acting weird at times and I ran the battery into the ground. I really don't like having to buy new devices so hopefully this phone will last me a few more years at least. It has a glass screen protector that's been on since the start that is scratched and cracked (the actual screen seems fine) and I just have a thin case that doesn't seem to absorb much shock on it.

@rra I've got a used iPhone 5s which lasted for a couple of years (only needed to change the battery once). Now I bought a smartphone for the first time which is an Fairphone 3 with /e/ OS installed. I wanted a phone supporting a de-googled Android by default and it works very well, actually much more stable than the original FP Android version which had instable phone calls and less battery time.

@rra my current daily is a OnePlus One, I just threw android out for SailfishOS and I bought plastic case + screen protector with it (same with pinephone).
@rra I used my Asus Zenfone II Laser since I bought it in Sept. 2015 until I gave up on Android and started using a flip phone a few months ago.

All I did to keep it going was install LineageOS 15.1 on it. It hasn't required any repairs or replacements (though it seems the battery may be on its way out).
@rra I use a Sony Xperia Z3 compact, built in 2014. It is now 7 years old.

I flashed with LineageOS to get security updates and a google-free system. Works well :)

@rra gemini pda, had to re-attach the hinges & tape the case on

@rra Oneplus 2, had to install Cyanogenmod to make it safe to use, F-Droid to make it useful, after that it's been quite stable except for a screen replacement. It suffered some water damage to the mic though and the screen replacement was an aftermarket model with no window for the proximity sensor so it's getting annoying and I'm considering a Fairphone or Pinephone. Maybe the mic and screen can be fixed yet, though.

@rra moto g5 i bought in 2017

works fine except the photos are taking up too much space and google keeps complaining

also i dropped it once and there's no back casing and the side buttons don't really work

and the fingerprint sensor is starting to be a lot less responsive than in the past

pokemon go runs worse and doesn't respond to a lot of features anymore but that's just pokemon go's code being more and more horrible every update

@rra It's a Nokia 6, which I bought when my Motorola had an unfortunate accident (I fell on my face holding it, not because I was looking at it but because there was a 2cm drop in the street in the dark that I wasn't expecting). It's needed exactly one repair until now, screen replaced because it wouldn't turn on. It cost 90 euros which I think is rather a lot but much less than a new phone with the right specs would cost (and I don't want a new one anyway, this one is perfect for my needs).

@rra 3,5 years on my mi a1, no repairs, no special setup. It just works. The battery starts to get a bit flat though…

@rra iPhone Xs. No repairs necessary so far.

@rra OnePlus 5t. I've swapped out the headphone jack because it got full of crap and headphones wouldn't stay in.

I'm planning on swapping out the usb port because it's getting a bit worn and replacing the battery this year.

The screen is kinda beat up but hasn't shattered yet. Also thinking about stocking up on a spare part so I can easily swap it when the day comes.

@rra @pinkprius 4-6 years. i just took care of by having it in a phone pouch & screen protector. no repairs. xiaomi redmi note 3 pro

it has since died. this was about a year after the pouch had died

@rra Since 2016, Lumia 950.

No problems keeping it going, but obviously the app situation is becoming worse and worse; at this moment the only networked apps remaining on mine are built-in mail/calendar/contacts client, built-in weather app, built-in maps client (with offline maps support), built-in OneDrive client, built-in browser, Telegram client (this is the only one that's up-to-date), Skype, FitBit, Twitter PWA, and real-time local trains timetable for Russia.

Broke the screen twice (unlucky falls, I suffered more than the phone), had to replace it each time (~$20 from aliexpress).
The batteries in these are notoriously faulty, and third-party replacements are notoriously unreliable, so took me some time to find a decent third-party battery (another $20 locally).

Don't think I'll be using it in 2022 though.

@rra bought a galaxy s2 gt-i9100 in 2012. Explored all kinds of systems on it but it kept randomly turning off. Got an s6 in 2018 to use it as is but it gave up soon after i paid it off (...). Back to s2 and LineageOS but live somewhere else and basically not in the need of a phone at all. Thankfully. Life was more interesting before smartphones.


Xperia X powered by SailfishOS. Purchased 2017, mint condition. Power management utility keeping the battery charge level between 70 and 75%. Thick leather case.

@rra I've had my phone, a Samsung I9100, since 2011. My wants are very simple: I only use it for Fedi access, to take pics and as an actual phone.

@rra Samsung Galaxy S9, ~2.5 yrs. No hardware interventions needed (still pretty young), just always using a case. Looking forward to eventually flashing /e/os or something to it.

@rra @paul iPhone XS, I don’t use it when not sat so no repairs needed so far

@rra Motorola g7 power

Works fine no drama

Battery still great, over 2 days on a full charge

@rra I have a xiaomi redmi note 6 pro. Flashed it with lineage os w/o gapps some months ago, ditched mainstream media apps and now I barely use it.
Battery takes 4-5 days to get empty and no repairs have been needed until now.

@rra iPhone 7. Plus pay as you go sim. Locked it in a watertight industrial metal case when it first came out. The only thing it needs now is a new battery. Am not sure that it can be replaced because Apple are stupid with their right to repair.

@rra I tend to keep my hardware going for a very long time, especially computers.
I had an HTC for years (6/7?), until the software was basically outdated and it wasn't running properly anymore. You could take the battery out, not glued shut. Before that I had a Nokia tough phone, that also really died of old age.
Through my brother more I get his second hand stuff. But both Huawei and Nokia had the programmed obsolescence syndrome. Nokia 7+ had a bloated battery whilst still under warranty.
Your question came at a pivotal point. I got a Fairphone.
Some of the marketing around it annoys me, but I'm done with glued shut devices.
Let's see how it rolls..
Already I had some "exciting" (read stressful) rooting adventures. 😅

Why do you ask the question?

@rra samsung xcover 4. It's probably 3+ years, I bought it second hand ~2 years ago for £95.
It's 'rugged' so doesn't break, and battery is easily replaced. No planned obsolescence whatsoever..

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