indoor gardening advice wanted 

I'm planning my on a small south-facing glassed balcony, essentially a greenhouse. It will likely get a dry and arid climate during summer so I'm looking at low maintenance irrigation techniques. Anyone have experience with buried clay pots or ollas?

(image from Gardening With Less Water by David Bainbridge)

boosts appreciated


indoor gardening advice wanted 

@rra @plants we keep a sour cherry tree and a hedgerow on the second floor and use this system with ceramic carrots and a water source high up


indoor gardening advice wanted 

@wendy @plants what are ceramic carrots? I don't really like the look of drip type systems with many tubes

indoor gardening advice wanted 

@rra @plants hey, the ceramic blumat carrots are first saturated with water, together with the earth of your plants. The moisture level is even and 'calibrated'. The dry earth "sucks" the water towards it, thus re-establishing the moisture balance.

We have a system with tubes, and it's drip irrigation which is what plants prefer, big time, over huge amounts of water all at once. We have a big barrel on a height, which means we only have one water point to check (1 tree, 2 hedgerows, herbs, wild flowers are all connected)

I think your proposed systems works in a similar way. But instead of triggering the drip irrigation system through the ceramics "sensor", it goes directly into the earth. I think my advice would be: use non glazed ceramic pots, for water to get through better. Try the saturation strategy. Curious to see!

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