new article on magazine that I'm sure will resonate with a lot of folks here:

'How and why I stopped buying new laptops'

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The article has been super popular and it seems using old machines for a very long time is a quite common practice but one that people also feel insecure about. A cursory reading of comments across the web tells me that part of the attraction to the article (or at least to commenting on it) is the recognition or validation of other people doing the same.

Here's an interesting statistic from the web logs: 10% (~7k unique visitors) of all traffic to the article has used a machine with OS X 10.1 Puma. That is an OS from 2002. I believe that is the last generation of computers, but I might be mistaken. It seems to good to be true though but I can't really think of a reason why this number would be wrong..

Massive use of user agent switching should lead to way more even distribution of other uncommon OSes as well? Does anyone know what could be up?


@rra i used to do this for years, but stopped. i actually valued having useful battery life (yeah, you can throw a new battery in it, but power management on thinkpad has traditionally been awful) and throwing more batteries at it will destroy the lifespan of them (thinkpads traditionally sucked the ultrabay battery dry, because you guessed it, power management!) and a screen that wasn't eye-straining to look at (my X230t came closest with the IPS panel but it is not a *good* panel.

as someone who's used thinkpads for years, they are incredibly overrated. for the reasons above. if i were to do continue doing that, i'd probably go for let's notes (ideally, but i'm not in japan) or latitudes (ugly as fuck, but better built and even more easily available). hell, i was livid when i got a thinkpad X40 (i like them smol) and it was thinner *and* lighter than *all my newer thinkpads*.

but i decided suffering like that on a laptop wasn't probably sustainable if i wanted to use laptops. i'm a *lot* happier with the M1 MBA i have now. (i pretty much only bought it for the SoC, but was pleasantly surprised how nice of a *laptop* it is.) not only is it an actual measurable improvement in terms of performance, it actually gets good battery life, has a good screen that is actually ok to look at, and is light enough i can actually take it places, when most laptops are a pain to bring unless necessary. (hell, even the 2013 MBA i got this year outclasses my thinkpad of the same age in pretty much every metric.)

@rra I do exactly the same and I also develop on it

@rra 300€/yr also seems like it's not a lot to many people. But then, the whole Planet is free.

Suppose if Linux lite drops 32bit support, could go for

@rra "I have all my data on a 128 GB SD-card"


the only way this could be worse would be if they used an USB stick

Interesting. I have said on here before
I am not technical & in my 70s. 2 yrs ago I bought Lenovo IdeaPad 320 Laptop Intel Core i5 8GB 1TB Sounded amazing but I really struggle to use it
For many years I used a Dell desktop with XP Almost all my software was open source and nearly all free. I knew how to use it!
I still don't understand much about my laptop, so do none of the video & photo editing I used to do. Mainly chat/use social media on my phone Hate windows 10 but still fear Linux!

Thanks for sharing it. After a browsing in it a little, I found out that they use Pelican SSG to generate their site. They even have a light theme which is what I wanted for a while

@rra β€œThe question is not how we can evolve towards a circular economy, but instead why we continue to evolve away from it.”

@rra very nice article. Thanks for sharing. Now I know more people say same thing as me, that, old computers are better.

@rra My netbook is 12 + years old stll works fine, got that as the school i was working at were going to bin them, replaced windows with linux. I have a few so trying to see if it is possible to run purely on a console , Debian is giving me masses of issues with this idea at the moment.

But great artcile

Great article, thanks! I had a hard time convincing a computer guy to install a SSD in my 2014 Windows 7 laptop (now dual boot with Ubuntu), he kept trying to convince me to buy a new one.

@rra Thanks for sharing this. I was actually looking at a new laptop but almost everything I wanted was a bit pricey. After reading this I salvaged some RAM from another laptop and I'm now looking at just buying a new SSD and SD card.

@rra @OCRbot
I don't really have an answer but PowerPC support lasted until Mac OS X 10.6. I can remember running Puma on my Wallstreet Powerbook G3, which had the upgraded 128 GB of RAM.

Maybe this article made it to a community such as ?

Also the anti-PC movement with their"intel outside" and "evil inside" stickers were also present in Macintosh PowerPC users. And they had similar concerns over planned obsolescence of Intel machines.

Maybe is their most patched and decent OS?

@cmos4040 yeah it has to be a fan community. Lots of ram your laptop had ;)


nice read, i love the dedication to old stuff. I used my 2011 macbookpro full time until 2 years ago, now it's with a friend who had an emergency, once i sort them out with a used thinkpad the macbook can become something else!

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