does anybody know the background story of the kpop roleplayers that recently joined in large numbers?

What was the trigger to move over? Is it because Twitter started removing kpop persona accounts prior to the US election?

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@rra first I have seen this. What sort of numbers are we talking about?

@liaizon @rra

I saw about 3 or 4 (not a huge number), mostly young people from SE Asia.

Not sure if they stuck around -
One said their account on birbsite had been removed but didn't say (or understand why), I assume this subculture has been going on a lot longer than the use of K-Pop avatars by antifa/leftwing activists in USA?

@liaizon is not loading so I can't give you an exact number. However, it was a number that caused Eugen to start posting about it..

@dublinux ooh, I've been out of touch, but it's possible. That issue is not new, tho.

@BalooUriza they went to .online after .social closed registrations apparently

@BalooUriza oh I didn't realize that. Do you know more about that?

@rra Not really...just that occasionally they flood the federated timeline trying to make random #tags trend with content-free posts for no reason.

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