Follow was offline a couple of hours, from last night to this morning. Only found out this morning because holidays. Again disk space issues. Could only do the miniumum to get it back up.. Might happen again. Just so you know :thinkhappy: Sorry!

@rra Why not moving to a provider with a lot more hard disk space, like Contabo 😉

@rra Back in the dark ages when I ran a USENET nntp server, you always had this problem that expiring (deleting) old articles, especially the binaries, would peg your cpu at 100% for hours while your disk was approaching full. Somebody came up with a kind of "circular filesystem" overlay which kept a list of files by date and every time it wrote a new one it would delete an old one. Might be a good feature for fedi servers.

Anyway, thanks for taking care!

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