Buster is a browser extension that solves goog's reCAPTCHA's audio challenges using speech recognition. It is a tiny thing but it spares you both the humiliation and the cognitive energy involved in training the algorithms of your future oppression.

I've had it for years and it works really well, give it a go.

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@rra I usually solve that by closing the tab. If they want me to stay away, I respect that. If they wanted the bots to stay away, they'd chosen a different approach (like honeypotting: hidden form fields looking like a captcha, which a bot then would fill and send but a human would not even see).

@IzzyOnDroid unfortunately not everyone has that choice and most of us do actually have to engage with the captcha.

@rra Yes, sure. And if the customer demands it, and I'm working on his hardware, this is definitely better than watching out for cars, hydrants etc without being allowed to let the former crash into the latter (i.e. "no fun"), totally agreed!

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