dear does anyone know a tool that allows multiple users to control a desktop computer simultaneously? And by that I mean full multiplayer desktop environment, multiple cursors etc.

Something like VNC but.. multiplayer

i'd guess there is some way to do this with but can't find anything good...

also looking for something not a proprietary tech support software suite

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@rra eh, give each user their own x instance? That's what the whole networking bits in x are for!

Don't ask me how to set it up exactly, though - I know it's a thing, but I've never done it myself. Manpages and/or the web should contain some info.

@doenietzomoeilijk I'd like multiple users use the same desktop simultaneously.

@rra ah, ok. Not sure if *that* is possible, especially with more than one mouse cursor.

@rra Multicursor with Xorg would not work correctly at all, could work fine in wayland but I haven't tried yet.
Otherwise one old way was to do multiseat (basically one computer but multiple screen+keyboard+mouse combos).

@rra multiple cursor/focus would break so many things in the gui stack.

Why would you like to do so? What is the use case?

@jibec find more interesting ways of being together online than Zoom

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