, the messenger now supports Audio/Video calls. so we've written a new article on the on how to set up server-side support:

@rra THANK YOU, I was asked by a user to set this up just yesterday, and Prosody's documentation still says it DOES NOT support this, despite having a community plugin to make it work, as you're using.

@rra hey i have a q: is coturn likely to actually work just linking to existing certs like that? if i link it to my prosody certs it doesn’t accept them , prob perms problem

@rra @tk to get yr guide to work i had to comment out the listening ip in turnserver.conf. that way coturn looked for it itself and settled in the internal ip, rather than external. otherwise it cdnt connect to the ports. not sure which setting is correct tho rly!

@mousebot @tk weird wonder why that is the case. Is it related to your port forwarding set up?

@rra @tk not sure, i’m very much a coturn novice. it’s on a vm that is set up to auto forward directly whatever the firewall opens. i struggled to tell how it shd be, confusing to me that ppl have been putting in both, but by yr response it sounds like it rly shd be ext IP. w listening ip commented out the ports are all happily open and used by coturn. so that’s not the issue. not sure if this will effect its functioning either.

@rra @tk but just thought to mention in case others have issues w yr guide.

@mousebot do you happen to be behind a NAT? I noticed I also had it with one machine where the
external IP was not the address the machine had because it was behind a NAT

@rra hm that cd be it yup. server is behind a router. surprised i’m the only one. isn’t everyone running diy servers at home!? :)

@mousebot i'm also not at all a coturn expert. The guide is based on notes shared in xmpp communities and verified by 3 separate installs, so I don't know too much about corner cases etc

@rra wow shoot thats awesome I didn't know that xmpp actually supported both audio and video

@rra Whoa is this big news. Brings it to feature parity with riot/matrix but with an app that doesn't completely destroy your battery life

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