Aha so is dropping support for older router models. OS bloat is a thing in router space as well I guess.



what is easier? learning how to build one's own images or learning how to do aftermarket RAM & Flash upgrades like you find on taobao etc

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@rra If you're doing things with OpenWrt then learning to build your own images is probably better. Anything they remove as legacy can potentially be re-included.

I'd say it depends on what's easier for you, and you're the best judge of that.

Configuring and building router firmwares could be easy for me, for example, if I wasn't in the habit of making things complicated. I still do, because I think it's interesting or necessary (harder with the latter motivator).

Even though the procedure is usually similar, how easy it is to flash pre-compiled images onto various routers depend on the router model and make.

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