Aha so is dropping support for older router models. OS bloat is a thing in router space as well I guess.

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what is easier? learning how to build one's own images or learning how to do aftermarket RAM & Flash upgrades like you find on taobao etc

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@rra If you're doing things with OpenWrt then learning to build your own images is probably better. Anything they remove as legacy can potentially be re-included.

I'd say it depends on what's easier for you, and you're the best judge of that.

Configuring and building router firmwares could be easy for me, for example, if I wasn't in the habit of making things complicated. I still do, because I think it's interesting or necessary (harder with the latter motivator).

Even though the procedure is usually similar, how easy it is to flash pre-compiled images onto various routers depend on the router model and make.

@rra sadly, it has already happened in the past. WRT54G support dropped in 2011, even though the project name comes from this model series. That said depending on your needs, old firmwares are still usable for fun and profit

@320x200 Yeah it's for the bibliotecha project so I guess it is fine. It would be really good if OpenWRT project could indeed move to different 'tiers' of releases so you don't end up unpatched software. A bit like is suggested in the link:

"Full β‡’ allows for running gui, has working opkg and plenty of space to allow packages
Medium β‡’ allows for running gui, has working opkg and at least enough space for setting up extroot
Small β‡’ bootable images can be built when either sacrificing gui or opkg while still having configuration persistence
Micro β‡’ only choice are heavily tailored custom images that require special measures like pre-shipped configuration, NFS mounts, preconfigured extroot etc."

I don't think that this is unreasonable, considering the expectations people have of what they should be able to easily do with their router and that developers are supporting OpenWRT in their spare time.

It will still be possible to build your own tailored image, stripped down to your needs, just don't expect active or any support for your issues.

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