Anyone knows of a EU based association or something that provides a newsletters-like mailing service but that doesnt do tracking etc? Asking for We need to find an alternative to RSS/Atom.

Boosts appreciated

@alcinnz <10% of our visitors using ~80% of our data. Automated feed readers pull our full feed every hour or so.

@rra Mine does it daily... And I believe it listens to HTTP caching headers...

Maybe it'd help to paginate your feeds or not put your full articles into it?

@alcinnz We added the full articles since it provides a nice form of 'off-line' reading.. I'd like to not sacrifice that..

It seems however that most feed readers ignore the HTTP last-modified header. So we might have to provide only summaries eventually.

@rra Yeah the offline reading IS nice! But I'd understand if you need to split the usecases.

Boosted to say that poor caching implementations can be an issue!

@alcinnz Thanks for boosting! Even if we fix RSS we'd still be interested in a newsletter service because currently LTM uses feedburner for historical reasons and they want to switch. I'd much rather have those funds go towards such an association than to mailchimp or something like that..

@alcinnz this, its pretty easy to setup caching with nginx for example, then you can cache the feed on the server and only generate a new one every hour or so.


@felix @rra Doesn't actually save Low Tech Magazine anything though, they've already got nginx serving a purely-static website off their solar-powered Raspberry Pi.

Though that's still great advice for other sites!

@alcinnz even if cache-control headers are set, nginx doesn't cache anything by default. You still need to configure that. And if they are getting noticeable load from an RSS feed, they probably didn't configure it.


@felix @alcinnz Do you have more info on this? I think it is more the issue of the RSS clients pulling things anyway but I might be overlooking something. Also it is not necessarily that we have increased load, just that we have unnecessary data transmission and we want to minimize that. The RSS/Atom feed is just a static file XML file as well.

@rra Oh sorry I misread the previous comment. If its a static file, then a cache is probably not gonna help. I assume you already enabled gzip compression? There is also a TTL field for RSS feeds, but clients might ignore that.


@rra though if nginx caches the compressed responses (which I assume it does), you could use more aggressive compression settings and get smaller files. Maybe worth experimenting.


@felix @alcinnz Ok issue is resolved and closed. Now let's see where to open the next issue!

@rra why not a mailing list? It would also host comments for the solar and the non solar website

@royniang the newsletter use case is different from the mailing list. In a mailing list everyone's response gets fwded to all subscribers.

@rra mmmh I'm surprised that @Framasoft doesn't offer a newsletter service with mailtrain 🤔

@rra @royniang you can also configure a mailing list (say mm2 or mm3) to act like a newsletter. Many newsletters (including mass spam, check headers for fun, and finding unsubscribe URL :) ) are using .

@320x200 @rra It's more flexible but less elegant or intuitive for the user

@rra I'm currently building a business that offers 1 click installs of private, secure, self hosted solutions for individuals and businesses. My product is not ready yet, but if self hosted is something you would consider, I could provide advice (for free) or spin something for you (not free).

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