Some of you may already have seen . It is a re-design of Low-Tech Magazine that I did together with Marie Otsuka and Lauren Campbell. After a few months of working on it I'm happy its out in public, survived the attention and creating discussions!


For those of you interested I'll present some experiences and findings about the project during Radical Networks:

Held between october 19 and 21 in Berlin. Really interesting yearly conference on alternatives network topologies such as and , protocols new and old, meaningful understandings of politics, weird prototypes etc etc organised by @chootka

@raphaelbastide for example will present a based around the protocol!

@rra @chootka @raphaelbastide Hey! Radical networks sounds like a good place to hear and talk about ways we can use these tech for communities in the third world. Be sure to share the vids so we can catch up all the way from the Pacific. Hahaha. Remind the organizers you have a viewer/s here.

@gladys @rra Hi Gladys, we will have a live stream available during the conference.

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