tfw you log into twitter for the first time in a while and they lock you out and force you to change your password all because it's Suspicious Activity™️ when really it's just you logging in from the web browser because you cannot stand using their app at all

@rozina and then all the adverts there are really obvious and really often.


@MinimalClick not to mention that you get adverts after every 2 posts and it gets really annoying since you're constantly taken out of your own little social media world to know about a product that you literally have no interest in

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@rozina I know. It’s awful. After being on mastodon for a couple of weeks and going back to check on an alt account it’s like turning up on market day.

@MinimalClick it sure is, not to mention that it's full of marketers trying to get you to buy their product or whatever

@rozina *shudders in marketing* yeah... I'm not liking the twits much these days...

@MinimalClick me neither; they all seem too obsessed with random metrics (especially on startup/entrepreneur/tech twitter)

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