I've been quite inspired recently by finding a ton of cool personal websites and wikis and thought I would share my views on how freeing it is to make your own: https://ritualdust.com/craft/make-yourself-a-website/

@ritualdust i got into the personal website rabbit hole about a year ago and i haven't looked back since. to be honest, the modern web is overrated and gentrified to the core where you have to accept cookies for everything ever as well as dealing with a load of bloat.

i'm glad i got into this rabbit hole, but i wish i was around in the 90's (2001 baby here, now 20 years old) so that i could have experienced the early days of the web instead of experiencing it through second hand nostalgia.

@rozina @ritualdust I was around for the late 90s web and I think it's really easy to think too fondly on it. Things could feel pretty bloated then, too, because most average users didn't have high-speed access. Sites had less interactivity, but there were plenty of web 'zines (Gothic.net was my favorite then). Digital cameras didn't exist, so even a picture of yourself was a bit of a feat. Probably the nicest part was that lynx worked with everything.

@roadriverrail @ritualdust ah i think nostalgia of any kind makes you see the past with rose coloured glasses

@rozina @ritualdust A little bit, yes. There's a super valid criticism that "the capitalist Web" has fundamentally gone the wrong way and that "browser as an applications platform" has sacrificed openness, community, accessibility, and many other things. We should want to take those things back. But we should also remember that the 90s Web required technological skill to be a part of, which was itself also undemocratic, and that bloat always scales to what technology will endure.

@roadriverrail @rozina @ritualdust 16 years old me without any computer classes/prior knowledge figured out my way through geocities, and put stuff online. I wonder what the equivalent of that is today, and if could have figured it out.

@neauoire @roadriverrail @rozina @ritualdust during my time it was having a tumblr blog and learning code by tweaking the themes others have coded

@sophia @neauoire @roadriverrail @ritualdust ah i did used to have a tumblr but i didn't know how to use it, let alone know that i could create my own themes using just html and css. i wonder if tumblr's still around though :thaenkin:

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@sophia @roadriverrail @neauoire @ritualdust oof i would have loved to check out myspace when it was in its heyday (i'm assuming 2005ish), but i was a literal child, so i couldn't

@rozina @sophia @neauoire @ritualdust Tumblr is still around. There was a whole hullabaloo about them banning sexual content a year or two ago, IIRC. Incidentally, I'm so of-the-90s that I never even properly learned CSS.

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