I've been quite inspired recently by finding a ton of cool personal websites and wikis and thought I would share my views on how freeing it is to make your own: https://ritualdust.com/craft/make-yourself-a-website/

@ritualdust i got into the personal website rabbit hole about a year ago and i haven't looked back since. to be honest, the modern web is overrated and gentrified to the core where you have to accept cookies for everything ever as well as dealing with a load of bloat.

i'm glad i got into this rabbit hole, but i wish i was around in the 90's (2001 baby here, now 20 years old) so that i could have experienced the early days of the web instead of experiencing it through second hand nostalgia.

@rozina @ritualdust Hey, I was 20 in the 90ies. And I was lucky to have a computer and internet at home.

The closest thing I find today of the experience of the 90ies web is to go on the #Tor hidden network. And look for websites there. They take a while to load. And you don't know what you're gonna get. The way to navigate is to hop from one website to another (no good search engine on the dark web) and hope to find a good page that lists to a load of other good sites.


@xuv @ritualdust ah i might give tor/the dark web a try at some point

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