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ironic how Twitter used OpenSea's API to add NFT profile pictures.

And then when OpenSea's API went down so did Twitter's NFT feature.

Web 3? More like Glorified Web 2.

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People be like how will I discover new music without Spotify??

Ask your friends duh.

Spotify algorithm taking away chilling with ur mates listening and sharing tunes.

Buy music if u can. Support artists.

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See a hexagonal profile image,
Block a hexagonal profile image.

#twitter #nft #bullshit #instablock

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slowly starting to realise that starting a business or becoming a freelancer is something that i don't want to do, because it turns my hobbies (and things i do to relax) into work for others, along with adding pressure for no reason. i'm regretting taking up a placement year, and sometimes i wish that i went straight into my final year instead, because all the business advisors care about are the things that already exist, and they want things to be fast and concise, whereas i personally want to explore the unknown, no matter how long it will take, and how hard it will be.

it also feels like i'm wasting my talents on pursuing my interests which lie just outside of my comfort zone and skill set, and i'm not sure if it's worth it tbh, but i definitely feel like the pandemic has changed my personality a bit

as an outlook user,

i want to have predictive ai finish my sentences when i'm writing an email,

so that i can save 2 seconds of my time

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trying to write emails in outlook is a nightmare. trying to send emails using thunderbird sends the same email twice (at least i can create a pull request or raise an issue with this one, but i can't get rid of the ai that outlook uses)

you ever just refer to everyone using they/them pronouns by default?

thinking about that clockwork pi devterm device, and how i could essentially become an on-the-go hacker/programmer who uses a device much cooler than a macbook would ever be

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art and instagram 

if you’re an artist who has voluntarily chosen to gate your content under meta’s/instagram’s business model, just know many people will never see your art, and its digital existence will likely be rotted away from the structure of the internet faster than you can say geocities

so many artists have become eager tools of a closed internet; the sirens pulling people into surveillance capitalism. you are complicit, and there is zero justification!

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Universe, save me from cliquish business culture from determining which tech we use.

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I think I am gonna abandon Twitter, it's just filled to the brim with Web 3 propaganda that I just feel so out of balance.

If I were to shout right now "Web 3 is good" on this platform, I'd get people who would listen.

If I were to shout right now "Web 3 is good" on Twitter, No real person would be listening. No real interaction happens.

Twitter lacks the interactions that Mastodon has, and it shows, especially now with so many bots.

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"[Programming is] much more of a craft. And a craftsman uses whatever tools he thinks will get the best result, no matter if they are what everybody else is using or something different. And a good craftsman makes his own tools when needed."
- Bram Molenaar (creator of vim)

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What are your preferences?

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Brain, stop caring about "engagement" and "metrics" challenge.

why do salaries gotta be so damn competitive? just tell me your price so that i know how much i can expect to get paid

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Websites shouldn't be so fucking bloated that you need a browser that utilizes 600 cores of CPU with 8TB of RAM!

Pale Moon should suffice with a core2duo and 4GB of RAM

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