coffee either makes you very hyper or very drunk/dazed, and there's no in between

starting a business based on my (niche) interests feels daunting and i'm beginning to wonder if this is even a good idea to begin with

seachaint looks and sounds like a nice word

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nothing like having a bunch of ideas but not knowing how to put them into action

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i simultaneously love and hate technology at the same time, and idk what to do withh myself

me: *tries to get into foss*
the foss community: *basically a nightmare with everyone getting super political about what they use along with everyone making foss become their whole personalities*
me: *ends up not getting into foss*

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not to mention that i was barely 3 months old when 9/11 actually happened, so i don't remember it at all, let alone even know what a world before 9/11 was like (does anyone remember anything from when they were around 3 months old?)

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if you ever feel bad, just remember that for a good portion of my life i thought 9/11 happened on the 9th of november instead of on the 11th of september

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Recent Computer Arts & Activism related Open Calls:

* Rhizome ArtBase Executable Poetry: – September 8
* On-the-fly Live Coding Projects: @onthefly – September 10
* F(eminist)H(ack)M(eetings) at SPREAD Zine fest: @anglk September 11
* Taper. online magazine for small computational pieces: @nickmofo – September 15
* ICLC. International Conference on Live Coding 21: – October 4

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Humpty Dumpty is
a fictional character
from DC Comics

i wonder how many pairs of converse trainers i've gone through so far

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fellas is it possible to start and run a remote first web design-development business without using any social media at all, or am i being too unrealistic?

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