i am starting a thread to track progress on mushroom growing, partly to hold myself accountable. i am gonna collect supplies this week so i can start by this time next week and i will be using this method because it has the lowest startup cost i've found

my spawn order is in. i went with northspore because they have very good reviews and seemingly reliable results.
gonna try and do shiitakes first because why not :eyeless_ghost:

the biggest challenge with all of this is gonna be keeping things clean while prepping them, i can already tell. gd cats and their gd interest in everything they're not supposed to touch...

posting my shopping list so i actually complete it, since i got a shipping notice:
power supply for my fogger
bucket to keep clean for sanitizing things

after a delay because of difficulty finding straw, of all things, i decided to try a few different alternate subtrates. so, i mixed up bags with both mixed softwood and pure aspen woodshavings yesterday and have them set in a tub near the water heater for consistent heat. humidity is harder to maintain, considering I'm in Colorado and our usual indoor humidity is like 18%... so I'm using both a fogger and a clean towel soaked in water that I'm changing out every other day.

I'm going to see how those go and pack a couple more bags next week using shredded paper and maybe some other things...

so 4 days later the mycelium has already started to thoroughly colonize everything. i am really paranoid about mold but so far so good...

i checked the bags this morning and they look so good. decided against making more since we're going to be traveling soon, but realized that i could probably take some of the spore that i still have with us on our trip to the coast and innoculate some logs around the family cabin...

ok so i looked at them this morning and they're almost ready to start fruiting i think?

Exciting! I had a friend when I was working in landscaping who grew psychoactive mushrooms for their migraines, it seems like a very fun and interesting hobby. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes!

@octojon yeah my old roommate used to grow the special kind but i was only sorta involved... and i have tried kits and things a couple times but failed, mostly because colorado is so dry i think... but i have a plan! hooray!

@rose_alibi How picky is it about the log type/condition?

@rose_alibi good luck! I appreciate just how extremely nerdy and engulfing mushroom growing can be. But I’ve never taken the plunge.

@Apiary i am trying to avoid the excessively nerdy methods, i can't handle getting into air systems and shit. but i would very much like to grow a few mushrooms at home 😆

@rose_alibi it’s the people who get into genetics. They’re the best kind of super duper nerds.

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