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Arf, I posted an earlier version which actually demonstrated a glitch with the stroke miters (see how they snap right after the shape starts drawing), now this is the right one.



def draw():
for n in range(10):
angle1 = FRAME/2
if angle1 % 360 == 0:
print(f"Reached loop frame: {FRAME}")
angle2 = FRAME*5 % 360
arc(WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2, n*25, angle1, angle2)

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This was also an attempt at figuring out how to make a decently-looped animation.

1. determine at which point you want the video to stop -- in this case, when the slower moving arc extreme reaches zero degrees
2. add an if-condition that, when met, prints the value of FRAME; and now you have the number of frames to output
3. "sbot-export-video --framenumber <frames> arcs.mp4" and you're done

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- Daily 2 -

I used to find this "chord arc" a pretty dull shape because I was only looking at single static examples. When combined or animated, they get interesting really quick.

(didn't feel an urge to explore color -- it's gray on gray and i call it a day)

@rlafuente oh and if you want a nice collection afterwards, consider using a relatively unique hashtag as mastodon creates pages like these:

Note to properly size the next one: video previews on Mastodon have a width of 548px

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So in June I'm trying my first thing-a-day-for-a-month project.

I'll be posting experiments made with , a tool that i've been making with friends for the last 13 years, to draw with vector graphics in a simple drawing syntax.

First off, an output of some recent fun animating stroke dashes -- increasing their offset results in a pleasing smooth motion. This one is made out of 3 100-sided stars with varying dashed strokes.

@lgm #Hackers, "enjoy your weirdness"!
The User Interfaces of Free Software as an alternative concept to the monoculture of interface designs from #Cupertino, that are aiming on efficiency for #capitalism purposes, reinforcing the hegemony of white men and symbolizing suppression of #diversity. Still I'm processing the deeper meanings of this eye opening lecture.

Thank you so much Brendan Howell!

If vector graphics, python, creative coding and/or pen plotters ring a bell, my LGM short talk presenting the new release will probably be of interest to you! In around 30 minutes:

Hi Fediverse, do you have a clue about controlling a GSM modem with Python?

What we're looking for:
- make automated phone calls and play some audio
- keep it free and private, so no Twilio or other SDKs
- a dongle or USB modem would be nicer than Arduino/RPi with modules, but those are ok if there's no alternative

Wondering if there's prior art around here?

Templates for paper mechanisms: a precious resource and a gorgeous layout by Kelli Anderson

( @xuv you probably saw this already? )

#Signal turning into a crypto-ponzi currency scheme?


That Signal:
- isn't really free/libre software (as Moxie denied freedom to redistribute modified version)
- would *never* federate (political choice of centralization)
- updated server software wasn't published
- invaded people's phonebooks
- runs on Amazon+NSA's infrastructure
- is virtually impossible to use out of Google's infrastructure -
- etc.

...didn't seem to be enough to alarm Signal users.

was just making a practical visual test to ensure that the new arcs in Shoebot work properly, and hey i like this


Employees of Microsoft, IBM and Google signing appeals for the FSF board to resign

I mean, just imagine BP, Exxon and friends running a campaign to change Greenpeace's leadership

The "open source" camp really succeeded in presenting itself as neutral, but make no mistake, this is as ideological as things could get: "open source" was created to counter the free software/copyleft movement, and this is the long-awaited killing blow

so-called "cancel culture" 

Regardless of our positions, it seems like many of us are guilty of thus:

"Women get fired every day for spurning their boss' advances, and black kids are disproportionally suspended from school for 'bad attitudes,' despite no actual differences in attitude quality. But we don't yell at each other about these cases because they never hit the main feed and the chattering classes are far more likely to focus myopically on cases they can see themselves in rather than the domination and injustice constantly suffered by far more vulnerable people."

notes on #fsf 

Some notes after reading responses and ongoing threads:
- "cancel Stallman" is quickly becoming "let the FSF die"
- I can hear Tim O'Reilly & co. popping the champagne, the demise of the FSF is the final triumph of the "open source" agenda
- I am not canceling my FSF membership and neither should you

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Who is concerned about Stallman's return to the Free Software Foundation, instead of empty critique should work hard to solidify the next steps of the Free Software Movement. The nihilist rebellion just benefits groups like Red Hat (IBM) waiting to occupy board of directors (as it does at Linux FDN beside Facebook & friends). It's not about #stallman and #fsf , it's about the Free software/culture movement. So purposeful manifestation like this is way better than tears:

An open letter in support of Richard Stallman, already signed by dozens of developers:

#freesoftware #fsf

(btw it's clear to me that MIT does not play the same institutional role towards the MIT license as the FSF does toward the GPL. That was a bit of a cheeky hot take)

But if you're on this thread, I'd suggest this article for what i think is a sober and well articulated perspective about canceling RMS:

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It gets into a whole new level when I'm reading that is considering a switch from the GPL because of the FSF/Stallman episode

It makes zero sense to me how these would be connected. I mean, might as well trash the MIT license because of MIT's role in the Epstein coverup?

I hate this whole novella.

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