question about Ubuntu alternatives 

@zabow I was leaning towards Manjaro but didn't mention it in the post to avoid bias, but I might try it out indeed. Hopefully it's not too alien for non-power users, but I'm about to find out!

question about Ubuntu alternatives 

@entreprecariat thank you! Mint also brings some proprietary stuff, but at least doesn't try to get you to install Microsoft Teams on first boot πŸ™‚

And I'm pretty grateful for their efforts in making Gnome work properly with Cinnamon and MATE. We (Manufactura) used it as a VM for people to try out Linux some 10 years ago at Medialab Prado, and it's beautiful+usable.

I'm probably going with Manjaro, with Linux Mint as a backup option... thanks again!

question about Ubuntu alternatives 

Hi Lurk and fediverse, you obviously have an opinion on linux distros so help me out:

What do you think is the best non-Ubuntu distro for nontechnical people?

I'm installing ubuntu on a friend's new laptop, mostly because that's what he's been using. But after booting, i'm horrified at the current state of this distro, suggesting loads of proprietary software on the first boot and omitting valid F/LOSS alternatives.

So I'm now boycotting Ubuntu/Canonical/etc, and trying to figure out a good alternative. I'd prefer a debian derivative since that's what I'm used to (and thus can help with support) but I'm also looking elsewhere, mostly something that can be used and serviced without hand-holding.

tl;dr: user-friendly and freedom-respecting distro alternatives to Ubuntu?


@raphael You did it again, this is delightful! Really really well done!

cohost + 

I say this sincerely, and as someone who appreciates and develops open source software: one advantage to making your social media platform closed source is that it's not immediately overrun with people posting about free open source software.

It honestly might be a better move to start closed source, grow your user base, and *then* make it open source so the FLOSS nerds you attract can't overwhelm the platform

if any of my people on here love some good #bassmusic then you maybe should give these sets a spin. I recorded 13hrs of mixes containing #jungle, #drumnbass, #dubstep and related genres, basically the sound of young me's nights in the 90s plus what developed from it in the 00s and 10s.
obscene amounts of #subbass coming in, you've been warned.

how does a witch prepare their curses 

hex editor

What's Niklas Luhmann favourite band? 

@entreprecariat oh boy well played

@yhancik I like the simple approach! I've been mulling the idea of personal inspiration archives for a couple of years, and slowly experimenting in what could work. Hence my curiosity

@yhancik i'm VERY curious about your experiments with like boards and your custom SSG. How's that going? Anything that we can look at? :)

@yhancik these are remarkable! Bummed to only find about the author's work now that his sites are offline :(

πŸ“’ Job opportunity - I'm looking for a colleague to join me at #Berlin in a position of junior #DevSecOps please send directs for deets & boost. #devops #infosec @info_activism

That time when @aiscarvalho made a Telegram sticker set around the theme "hairy emoji"

I finally got into SSH X forwarding as an alternative to remote desktopping, and wow it is so magic.

Just open windows from other computers, and even open other programs from the remote machine (e.g. opening an image viewer from a file explorer). Now I feel somewhat embarassed to only get into it now since it's one of those features that's always been there.

This answer helped me get going:

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