Can anyone help me id this bird species so I know what to feed this little guy? (found in Northern Portugal)

Spot on, thank you!! Looking for the animal rescue center now, cheers :)

@rlafuente you better contact an animal rescue center, they will know what to do

There's a rescue center some 20km away but are only open during the week. Indeed, this species needs special care (unlike most swallows, TIL you shouldn't pick those up)

Running to get some insect-based feed and see if we can hold the situation until then

@rlafuente @ranx Swifts are amazing birds. Can live two years without landing, sleeping half (like dolphins).
Insects indeed, they dive around and scoop them out of the air.
Due to their very short feet and legs, it's very hard for them to fly off starting from the ground.
Take care R, I hope it will turn out ok. 🍀

@wendy @ranx
he's fine and resting for tonight. Someone knowledgeable looked at him and advised us to try releasing him from a high spot so he can start gliding and get to flying.

The two first flight attempts ended in gentle (and promising) crashes. Tomorrow we'll take him to a higher spot and hope for a little wind to help him out.

Thank you for the warm words 🐦

hi, I had the case some weeks ago .. and indeed they need some space/height to take flight, I had one rescued and he/she needed to be thrown in the air, with some lowering terrain so there was room to take speed ...
all the best ;)
(and don't try to feed : they only eat small flying insects so they need special food)
@wendy @ranx

@wendy @ranx An update to little Faustino's 🐦 story with a happy ending:

This morning we went to the rooftop and tried another release, again some gliding but not persistent enough. Faustino looked tired, not resisting much when picked up, but still comfortable. We called vet friends and managed to get a (costly) booking for an afternoon emergency check, so that he could hold on until Monday when the rescue center was open, since we wouldn't be able to feed him for 24hrs (live insects for bird feed are VERY hard to come by on a sunday).

Even though we read online that the rescue center would take him, their site said they were closed on Sundays, and someone else told us it was unlikely they'd take that species. As always, Ana's gut feeling was right and led us to drive to the rescue center anyway.

And not only was it open but they were more than eager to keep little Faustino and care for him. They even gave us his reference number so that we can write later to get information on how he's doing.

The rescue center is in a beautiful reserve some 17km away from Porto that I'd never visited, so that was a delightful takeaway. Eduardo (our 3yo) was super happy along this tiny little adventure, and it was heartwarming to get to see how gentle he is with little animals.

Thank you all for your help and kind words <3!

@rlafuente @ranx
That's great news!!! How could any rescue centre turn down a swift. Good sign the bird was not to distressed by being handled, it seems just exhausted..
*Once we were on a bird and other animals tour on the North Sea and an exhausted skylark (a bird of open farmland and heath) landed on the boat. Apart from being photographed a gazillion timed with huge lenses, it just travelled along.
*Last week, my partner's sister found a baby bird , drove it to a refuge, got a number and they can release it at the end of the trajectory!

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