I've got back to hacking on Shoebot, a project I started 13 years ago at Piet Zwart to make images with code (they seem to call it "creative coding" nowadays)

I seem to go back to it in yearly bursts, and thankfully Stuart is around to take care of things in the meantime.

Now that we're looking at implementing variable fonts, I noticed we had no apparent way to set a font's weight or style; it turned out it was mostly done in the code, but not documented. So yesterday I took care of that. Tiny victories are always encouraging and worth the effort.

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and after some back and forth on the Shoebot matrix channel, now there's a simple syntax to tweak variable fonts. I'm really happy with this

and a cool feature in Shoebot: a simple syntax to make a basic GUI to tweak any parameter in a sketch

@liaizon only spiritually :) but yes, back when I started it I was really inspired by _why's vision of creative coding for everyone (and not just for fancy designs done by designers who started to code)

@rlafuente I remember downloading Shoes and editing some examples as a kid and thinking wow this is as easy as making a website. Maybe I could make apps.

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