Once you spend enough time with servers, sysadmin and making sense of it, eventually you try to find a consistent naming scheme for hostnames and such.

Lurkfriends, what's your system for coming up with server names?

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Over here, the hostnames for our laptops and other computers are drawn from the list of cousins from the Katamari Damacy series:

and our external hard drives are named after characters from Turma da Mônica (a brazilian comic series we grew up with)

@rlafuente Types of 'sambal', an indonesian chili sauce now also common in NL

@rlafuente i name my machines after ancient hellenic philosophers, with the -ICS suffix (:

@vidak is that an acronym? Or is it because "Socratics" or "Aristotlics" sounds super fun?

@rlafuente classic american lowrider cars, impala, caprice, continental etc. After discovering Mack 187 - Bass patrol tape and my main laptop debian reinstall alligned

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