hey @xuv, do you remember if Shaarli supports site screenshots/thumbnails?

we were looking into turning it into a kind of linkpost, and realised the screenshots are a needed feature

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@rlafuente I don't remember if that's a feature or not. Could be. I would not be surprised if it does or if someone has made a plugin for it. But off the top of my head, I don't know. Would need to read the doc.

@xuv ah cheers! I'll look it up and report back if i find something interesting.

@Olm_e @rlafuente @xuv

Shaarli only supports a handful of websites. I guess it could be extended.

@sebsauvage @Olm_e @xuv
Thanks! I suppose taking screenshots would require an extension that used headless Chromium for this. Is there such a thing? And if not, is there anything "close enough" that could serve as a base for such an extension?

@sebsauvage @Olm_e @xuv
I'll look into this then, and report back if there's anything to show. Thank you for chiming in

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