Which *note taking* apps are you people using on Linux?

I use Zim all the time because I'm very familiar with its GUI and it does almost everything I need.

I'm looking for alternatives that work as well as Zim, but use Markdown instead of wiki format.

It would also be cool if each "page" would be a .md file in a directory instead of it using some special data store that you have to export. What I'm saying is that I would like to open that directory in a file manager and browse through it.

Zettlr seems close to your requirements, see also the Zettelkasten method

@rlafuente thanks! Zettlr is cool... I've tested it before. My only issue with it is the user interface... I wish it was more like Zim with it's no bulshit old school look.
I also tried using Joplin and I like its interface better than Zim's, but unfortunately it locks you to its format.
I guess I'll give Zettlr a try for a few days 👍


@epifn Yeah I feel you, the UI is pretty opinionated and the font was too light for my eyes.

There is however the great feature to use custom CSS to manipulate most UI elements (even toolbars), and it's easy to hack if you turn on debug mode in the preferences.

These are a couple of samples from what I have after an hr of tweaking, and my custom CSS is here: paste.tildeverse.org/?39b9d46b

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