@rra ha! I am very glad it is used. (no tracker = no idea if it's visited)

messy source code 

@rlafuente Ok! At least I can see your other posts here post.lurk.org/tags/ShoebotSket

On this new branch of Cascade background colors ~= instruments. Ideally with closest color detection.

@lgm To complete the video description, here is the link to Cascade’s page: gitlab.com/raphaelbastide/casc

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open call for Relearn 2021, the Rotterdam edition! 'The what and the why of the Anarchive' >>>> relearn.be/2021/# (deadline for submissions is the 30th of June) .zone

@focus404 I just bought one. It is really adapted to what I need (work documentation): good auto mode, very good image quality, 4K videos, small, easy to use. I useally don’t buy lots of things but I really don’t regret my purchase. Powershot g7x. Let me know if you need photo / video samples.

Added click-to-copy, text-view, git repository + some bugs fixed.

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