@raphael this is incredible!
trying to fight my urge to start playing with it immediately vs. watch the rest of the talks.

@ojack Thank you very much! Let me know your thougths if you play withit.

@ojack @raphael

A few years ago i looked at examples and the source code of IanniX.


Before that i had seen a visualization with sound at the ZKM in Karlsruhe that fascinated me. It was the approach how the geometry triggers the sound patterns. I think this had been created with IanniX.


@ojack @raphael

I considered several times if and how i could integrate IanniX into my Lisp / C++ world. Then i came to the conclusion that it would probably come down to a new implementation.

IanniX could be scripted at that time, but it wasn't like i could get into a flow while live coding.


@kandid @ojack Fascinating project kandid, thanks for sharing. I’ll drop a line in IanniX forum!

@kandid @raphael oooh I haven't tried IanniX, but love playing with ways that visuals trigger sound. I am very visual and it helps me understand sound better to be able to see it in different ways.

Some explorations in case they are interesting:
-- pixelsynth (additive synth based on drawing): ojack.xyz/PIXELSYNTH/
-- pixel colors to drum triggers: instagram.com/p/B1ccefNHO8Q/
-- pixel colors to arpeggiator sequence: instagram.com/p/B2BXywzHCxa/
-- spectral synth: instagram.com/p/B4VSiVTp5_D/
-- webcam "sequencer": youtube.com/watch?v=n6Vu7BnYdn

In all of these the sound is generated based on pixel colors, and I manipulate the visuals live in order to change the sound.

@ojack @raphael

I always work from the visuals. The sound usually comes too short in my animations. There are a few attempts from me in the direction of color to sound. This one for example:


There color areas are sampled in real time and the found color is sent to SuperCollider. Create an "ambient" sound from the image material.

But Iannix has a different approach. It's more geometry and movement to sound. It's closer to the approach that dancers trigger the sound.

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