Follow is shutting down. Super bad news for me. I can’t complain and I understand the admin’s choice but it makes me seriously reconsider my trust in the fediverse.

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@raphael get down normally for the 1st of April 2021, and finally, someone took the admin and the service is still on.

Thanks to Fediverse, the move to another instance is easy without breaking followers link.

How will you move from YouTube if you want to leave them, without loosing your followers ?

You can use this tool to help you finding a new instance :

@wekeys Does the move to another instance also auto upload existing videos to the new instace?

Sorry @raphael , I was too anthousiast about PeerTube.
They are working on it, the feature isn't done.
So no easy migration instance to instance for you for the moment.
PeerTube is still quite young, but they done a lot of work.

@raphael and again isn't updated since 2020 so no LiveStream ...

On this page :
you can see on which version the server is on. it can give you clues for choosing a good instance.

@raphael Ouf, trois mois à partir d'aujourd'hui pour importer mes 93 vidéos sur mon instance!
Il suffit d'importer les vidéos depuis leurs URL comme si c'était une importation depuis YouTube. Ça va assez vite comme manipulation, quelques cliques par vidéos, mais c'est le CPU à 2 vCore de mon VPS qui va travailler fort ces prochains jours...!

hey @raphael I saw this post and am sorta pissed to hear this too. I am interested in getting involved to stop that from happening. Maybe there is a way we can move it on to some admins who want to keep it going.

@liaizon @raphael why not start up your own peertube instance? Wouldn't the content all still be there to pull from?

@eris it’s about the 1000 plus people who already went through and signed up and made accounts and uploaded videos who are gonna say: the fediverse sucks they delete your stuff

@liaizon I wonder why they wouldn't just reach out for admin help
@raphael Interesting....I'd be curious why they lost interest in keeping it. We have a peertube instance too at and we store our videos that we've made for the past 10 or so years, so there is no way we will shut it down (feel free to use it), however being a peertube admin for the past several months I start to get extremely annoyed by the sheer amount of bullshit videos that are uploaded there. Tons of conspiracy craps. So much so that we have to do something about it.

But our "principle" is to provide a trade-free instance; by that we mean you are not required to trade anything to us in order to use it. So we do not ask for your money, data, attention (ads), or freedom (don't post this, don't post that). And so we kinda cannot ban or remove any video/account and do not do any favors to anyone.

But then, what can we do about the multitude of BS videos?! We do not know...but for sure we won't shut down our instance.

@raphael argh! j'avais posté sur une instance à une époque pour iMAL, et elle a disparu du jour au lendemain, c'était pas glop

@raphael Yeah the instance churn is worrying and a real downside. It has to do partly with the desire to federate with everything and thus making the instance difficult to manage technically and content-wise. That and the fact that people spin up a server because they are enthusiastic but don't have a good long-term plan. I wish I could recommend you another instance but I can't atm..

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