What licence do you use for your open source art projects, and why?

@raphael depends on the mood/project/context/purpose. The ones I used the most are AGPL, BSD-3, FAL/LAL, PPL, GPL, WTFPL, and few of my own brew. Sometimes I also use an anticopyright statement in place of a license, sometimes I also use the pseudo license CC0.

@320x200 That’s interesting, can you explain in what real-life case you chose AGPL instead of GPL?

@raphael @320x200 I use AGPL by default unless there is a compelling reason to do otherwise, instead of asking "why" AGPL over GPL I ask "why not" and can't come up with any reason.

Also this :)


@moparisthebest @320x200 Thanks for the link I didn’t know about that. :unwanted_ok:

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