I dug out my master's degree thesis. I completely forgot that I wrote the abstract in Esperanto and English. The title is “Interpretoj de antropoidaj figuroj trajtita en roka arto de regionoj: Bohuslän, Dalsland kaj Østfold”. That's 17 years ago. :eyeless_zippermouth:

I consider crossposting from twitter as a form of spam similar to unwanted emails with newsletters I supposedly agreed to receive.

If I’m not on twitter, it means I do not wish to see tweets.

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adding the following filter
in the hope that I see less "RT @foo@twitter " posts without any context.

I can (and do) see most of these things on twitter - they are rarely so exclusive that they don't get repeated many many times.

A good thread with information on how to do accessible descriptions for pictures. :eyeless_thumbsup:

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For fun only - images in #geminispace (raw terminal session without display server) with #byobu, #amfora and #cacaview.

Recently I’ve read “Historia brudu” by Katherine Ashenberg (this is “The dirt on clean. An unsanitized history” in English) and just watched “A history of hygiene” on Arte TV.

Conclusion: people are disgusting. :D

(video with subs in several languages)

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"Getting started with CSS Custom Properties", a nice beginner's guide, clear, easy to understand with plenty of examples, by @piccalilli_@twitter.com https://piccalil.li/tutorial/getting-started-with-css-custom-properties/

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There, got goreleaser set up with #comitium, so you should now be able to easily download a binary for pretty much anything: https://nytpu.com/releases/comitium/

It’s nice to see trending.
I like it gets popular, but at the same time I like intimacy of the protocol that makes it more personal. Thinking of that, I must say that from the capsules I’ve visited all of them seem to be run by nice folks. 🛰︎

Of course, the taps are Victorian. They are automagical, so you’re not able to run both simultaneously. Straight way to the burn injuries ward. ;)

Oczywiście, krany wiktoriańskie. Krany są automagiczne, i dwóch na raz nie da się odkręcić. Można od razu wylądować na oddziale od oparzeń. ;)

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#Astrobotany plant-ring - Plants which like to be watered together; gemini://szczezuja.flounder.online/astrobotany.gmi

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♊ 🚀

♊ gemini://nuclear.discrust.pl

I need your #feedback!
send me your opinion / question about my capsule!

➡️ XMPP MUC: discrust@muc.creep.im
➡️ IRC: ##neokatechumenat (Freenode)

#gemini #capsule #gemlog #XMPP #IRC #MUC #thermonuclear_capsule #discrust

I created a pack for Photo to quickly create photos suitable for the small web. Macros resize photos to 600px on a long edge and apply one of ditcher filters: monochrome or web safe colours. Both macros are suitable for pictures that have been cropped before running a macro.

The details are on my capsule: gemini://capsule.sakrajda.eu/small-web-photos.gmi

I'll add it to my website later. :)

My first attempt of running capsule and installing on .

I wish, I knew what I'm doing. :D

I follow these instructions: gemini://gemini.bbbhltz.space/gemlog/2021-02-10-howto-agate-on-pi.gmi

I got some picture in my head this morning and painted it in Photo. The full size available from my capsule:

Because we have March this May, I keep tomatoes indoor. They seem to be happy here.

I love “Slanted” magazine, and the new issue about AI is coming soon. Can’t wait!

What other art magazines are worth checking? I’m thinking of contemporary and printed media (mainly ).


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