In the 90s there was an indie internet project called Hyperreal¹ that revolved around (and was quite essential to) the rave scene – providing web hosting and running a bunch of regional and topical mailing lists. It was how a lot of stuff was organized and discussed back then.

It warms my heart to see that the site is still online and most of the old RealAudio DJ sets², drum-machine scans³ and psychoactive lore are still usable.


For writing, I'm starting to think that using auto-correct is more likely to make one look foolish than going without.

As readers, we've all started to become kind of forensic grammarians – reverse engineering the algorithm to figure out which word the typist actually meant.

Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

@n8 Is there a nice way to browse specimens (ideally with various filters) and install?

next artichoke #19 reading, in berlin, 19.06.2021, from 19:30.

live in-person event, with Galina Rymbu, Nail Doğan, Tongo Eisen-Martin.



#Call for text line contributions:

Send me your notes and thoughts on 'waiting'. What are you waiting for, is that waiting hopeful, or anxious, or incurious?

A hybrid piece with an online Mastodon bot form via @kontakt ; and a physical installation form at Reagenz Graz.

Boosts welcome!

@cmos4040 Yes papi! Freestylee!

(and if you do a set, can you try to record it?)

why on earth? well, as convenient as music streaming and electronic music libraries are, stacks of heterogenous artworks and edge labels are a much better platform for navigation, selection and appreciation- at a certain scale. larger scales than just the stuff you care about and you get a storage issue.

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Does anyone know where I might be able to buy a micro-usb cable with an in-line power switch?

I appreciate that this is a somewhat weird thing to need—I normally make my own—but I want something a bit nicer looking and robust.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

open call for Relearn 2021, the Rotterdam edition! 'The what and the why of the Anarchive' >>>> (deadline for submissions is the 30th of June) .zone

Historisches Kopfsteinpflaster, Radverkehr und Barrierefreiheit (für RollifahrerInnen oder für Kinderwägen) vertragen sich in Dänemark. Wie oft habe ich in Deutschland gehört, dass sich das ausschließen würde...

@danburzo Sounds nice! We are also collecting a lot of elderflower these days. Do you have a fizz recipe?

Reducing Poverty can Lower Energy Demand.

"Ironically, for most households, it is easier to obtain a mobile phone than a clean, nonpolluting fuel for cooking. Therefore, measuring progress via household income leads to an incomplete understanding of poverty and its deprivations."

Activating Captions: an online exhibition of audio-video work that "critically engages with captioning as a singular artistic form of expression." ... All works accessible online until 7 June.

What's an endocrinologist's favorite chocolate? 


A lot of people remember the "Browser Wars" but do you remember the "Battle for Digital Whiteness"?

@rra Also, cool to see that groups are working on the fedi. Moving from celebrity-based to topic-based models of discourse could be a great shift.

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