PSA for journalists (especially NYT): Yes we know you are trained to try to represent the facts of the moment and that can make one rather obsessed with the Zeitgeist.

But can you PLEASE STOP MENTIONING ZOOM in every other sentence! It sounds like an advertisement.

If you were paying attention the last 20 years you would know there are at least 20 other brand name and open source variations on video chat. And frankly, it's about as interesting or relevant as the brand of socks worn by the "anonymous official" you are quoting. Were they sitting in an IKEA™ chair, speaking on an HTC™ telephone and you wrote it with a Faber-Castel™ pencil in your Steno™ pad? Who cares. Give us news, not marketing shills.

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@praxeology This very same and annoying writing style has been pervasive and in many circles the preferred way to make fiction writing more relatable and feel more connected to the real world, or whatever.

I hate it when persons in fiction are using Brands:tm: and not things. I hope all writers would stop doing that.

@praxeology that's the company biggest PR win during the pandemic. Probably Microsoft is upset cause we don't speak of Teams fatigue or Skype fatigue.

@praxeology If you think that's bad, look at this (article under writing occupations and journalism roles):…

@praxeology "Zoom" will replace the term "video conference" in the same way Bandaids did to bandages, or mace did to pepper spray.

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