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Fuck it *turns into a honey bee and pollinates your flowers*

Colors! Each skein does not actually have a lot of string so if you request a color as I make more I may substitute it with something close. All string was purchased for me by my uni or donated.

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i'll post a pic of the colors i have once i have some time to organize them

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anyone want a free woven pride bracelet? i need something to do with my hands while i watch two and a half hours of thermofluids engineering lectures every week

"Maybe like the response to the industrial level food industry and farming industry, we will have a slow food or slow tech movement. Maybe we will find than an organic, slow, localized kind of connectivity, that doesn't demand a 24/7 type of connectivity, and drive an addictive quality of life might be more enjoyable. We have no idea what's possible and plausible, but I think it's incumbent upon us to try to try to imagine, try to dream about the kinds of lives and societies and communities we want to live in. That's what I enjoy thinking about and try to offer into the conversation."

- Safiya Noble, author of Algorithms of Oppression and co-founder of the Center for Critical Internet Studies at UCLA, on the topic of Social Media and Tech Abolition

Duration: 31:33 | Recorded on November 10, 2020

Bug photo 

Saw this mantis while I had a meeting with the head of the engineering department in his office to discuss my final senior project. I stopped us in the middle of convo and we both went up to take pics.

After talking to my professor I might be building a synthesizer??

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Ok so i'm between two things for my final project right now (i think):

internet radio that streams generative art + prints generative textile patterns using the API data from my solar protocol web server and panel. (and/or a life cycle analysis?)


Tracking and monitoring the install, development, and maintenance of my campus' second major geothermal field

there are some other ideas I'm considering (like what if kinetically charged lights?) but these are the two main ones.

however, they're pretty drastically different. the former i actually have been able to get a pretty good head start on since i already have the hardware for such a project. it would be a very: make the most of my college™️ experience!! the latter is more relevant to a tangible career pathway that I've also got a good foot in the door for from my summer internship.

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does anyone have an irc client to recommend + getting started tips for someone who isn't super techie?

also may just want account for a weekend, i feel like fedi people sometimes ask if i have irc but alas, only matrix.

i still feel weird being grouped into a marginalized genders / gender minority bucket sometimes

ya i'm trans. transity trans. here is my caboose. here is my rail line. here is my

My friend told me once that sometimes he feels like it's the same $5 that get passed within queer/trans/disabled communities because we're all struggling but want to support each other. And it's so hard for us to gain traction outside of our communities. I think about that a lot. Ofc charity < mutual aid, but I think about it.

You ever stare into nothingness while listening to music that your brain recalls

Good god

> The technology dates to the 1970s — though this particular machine was updated in the ’90s to make it Y2K-compliant. The company that once manufactured SCAMPS no longer exists; when the machine breaks down, an IRS employee fabricates replacement parts on-site. “Only one guy knows how to fix the thing,” says John Desselle, a mailroom department manager.

Everyday I wake up and generate massive amounts of incomprehensible data and then go to bed

This also a caught my eye. It is leaves from a tree of heaven. This tree is introduced from China and Taiwan. It is loved by the spotted lantern fly and Samia cynthia moth's silkworms. It's blooms smell a little funky. It's included in many Chinese cultural stories and medicinal practices.

I noticed this plant on my walk home from Trader Joe's and it's called a princess tree or the folxglove tree. It's easily over six feet tall already. It's native to central and western China. It's a pioneer plant with nitrogen rich leaves and roots that help prevent erosion, which maybe help the soil right now considering its growing by a creek.

It is called the Princess tree because it is planted after the birth of a daughter in Japan, as it will reach maturity alongside her. In China, the seeds were also used as a packing material.

:c_tv: ok but how are their scavenging skills? then we'll talk.

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