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Audio Cleanup with SoX

"This online workshop will teach participants how to clean up audio collections, using the Sound eXchange (SoX) command line tool."

thinking about joining SSB, watching some vids now. i'd like a place that welcomes more audio posts.

- find it more comfortable to type looking left on my big second monitor than my smaller laptop monitor even though that would decrease horizontal reading distance, honestly i think this is weird because my neck is craned to the left but ok
- getting better at single quotations
- still mostly likely to get errors i forget when they're on the end of the line, this time I am blaming the glare from my window onto my monitor though
- feel a lot better when i can't really hear my own typing (was listening to some very dramatic, mainly instrumental music, that was good)
- I don't actually have good reasoning for why i improve at all

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Going on daily walks in my neighborhood has been good, even if it's a little scary. I've noticed there's a house that just has a LOT of birds hanging around making lots of noise and even though there are so many big mowed lawns, I still come across this random mushrooms like jewels. I didn't know so many different mushrooms grew up around my childhood home. And then sometimes I see plants that are my friends favorite plants and I can tell them I was reminded of them. These little things motivate me in my day. Now I don't wanna do work, I just wanna be outside all day. Sometimes I wish my walk never ends.

i caught up with a strange case of starship iris and camp here and there, which my friend recommended because it has night vale energy. i am going to listen to ace of hearts for now and then maybe come back to the last movie depending how things go.

updated pocast page here

I can't wait to train future speech technology with a recording of me saying this

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