@vortex_egg but he said he thought i seemed like i would be into it :U

Local White Cishet Man discovers fluid gender presentation
"You're very enigmatic"

A sophomore asked if I was into postrat and it was not in fact about rat shit posting :(

It processed and shipped in 9 days, which is pretty fast given they're also experiencing delays right now. I just used their regular shipping option.

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new chest binders arrived! *rubs hands around flat chest* niceeee

happy wearer of since 2015 :) this is my second order i've done with them and third time receiving them.

My previous skin tone chest binder (#4) was much more pale for my skin than i thought it would be. This one is a little darker (#3), but I think closer than the other one. It's sometimes frustrating that they only have 5 tones available.

girlfriend collective's sports bras are also pretty compressive and I think I would recommend those over sizing up on a chest binder to work out in. This is also because chest binders are more fragile garments than durable athletic wear. the cut of a tommy is good for wider necked tees, while dylans cover more chest area.

@kelbot I will conspire for an excuse : )
$900 for the solar webserver, they can drop money for $17 keyboards that come with their own OS :U

shall i persuade my school to get us a bunch of rpi 400?

I asked him if I can have the beaglebones that they aren't using anymore

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@JoYo we are reading "Diamond" by Steve Lerner about a community in Louisiana's Chemical Corridor in one of my classes. The second part of the book includes interviews from the white part of the town of "Norco" (Diamond encompasses the four streets of that town that the African American community was redlined into and basically operates as its own community). The way in which the white residents refused to acknowledged the harm perpetuated by the corporations and reasoning behind the Black protesters really reminded me of this documentary.

someone on fedi shared with me a youtube video that was a snapshot of a small town of white folx around the mid 90s (i think). there are a lot of interviews of the high school students.

it was sort of like a mockumentary? The towns folx end up watching the film of interviews together at the end and some are very frustrated and others say it's very telling

anyone know what i mean?

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