i may be a long shot from fastwieopa still but holy beans i did it. i got second place for most karma on (at least until athropod checks in for today)
omega pog pog pog

here's a really cute community of capsules i just stumbled across while updating my are.na... except it was in someone's collection for HTML/CSS


I really like how the statuses section looks, like a feed of


Found the message in the mailing list here: lists.orbitalfox.eu/archives/g

blog about it here, which the creator responded to kickscondor.com/e-worm.club/

It is a fork of flounder.online/

🌟 asterism 🌟
a signal series

"Hey ancient thing, were you born yesterday?
Did you hear what the last ones had to say?"


sixty poems i've never shared before, basically a result of hording and writing on and off for years. I decided to put them in reverse chronological order in case I decide to add more.


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