Local White Cishet Man discovers fluid gender presentation
"You're very enigmatic"

<3 2.0 launched today
Take a peek and give it an upvote
The creator of Kinopio is also the co-founder of

My friend just finished their summer internship doing artwork for the game "House Haunters"

it's turn based, like rock paper scissors, with some special twists!

iOS: apps.apple.com/us/app/house-ha

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/det

finally watching the sequel to cencoroll. it came out in 2019 but i never finished watching beyond the first half. i love each alien's design.anilist.co/anime/9488/Cencorol

you know, often making music with a synth seems so hard. i forget that they can be sold as toys.

I got asked about the beading patterns I use so here are some very messy drawings I could have just done in a drawing program

Unintentionally created this chain pattern when working on a request for a friend, but it came out pretty nice

headlines: "covid reveals massive wealth inequality between college peers"
rich college peers when i avoid them on campus:

After 47 days of daily journaling

ending/pausing my daily journaling experiment after tomorrow. i'm not sure this is something i will continue while i'm at school and maybe i'll continue it on and off but learned a lot while trying to create a system that worked for me

i've been publishing on but my free plan is going to be ending :)

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