Companies are being asked to sign on to this support letter for the Respect for Marriage Act, which would codify the nationwide right to for same-sex and interracial couples. The House has passed the bill, with strong bipartisan support. It now goes to the .

No matter what industry you work in, consider bringing this forward to your manager, HR, or + affinity group.


In news: As a mini bill (or what some people are calling "build back better, better late than never") the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022" is a climate reconciliation bill released this week by by Senator Manchin. It includes a number of renewable energy and EV tax credits, rebates for building electrification and efficiency, plus some hydrogen stuff I don't really know about.

I'm not a huge policy person, so here's a Wikipedia link for it that goes over the provisions and reactions. There's a few more summaries of the act out there too. (one pager)

While I'm at it, Klobuchar also has introduced the “Heating Efficiency and Affordability through Tax Relief Act” or the “HEATR Act”, which will provide a bunch of tax credits for different types of , including and . It includes "Direct Payment" so non-taxable entities or entities with a low tax burden (e.g. typically low income folx) can also benefit!!

PS I do think that geothermal should be put into a separate tier because they are both better performers than ASHPs and cost a lot more, but creating base line tax credits for all these technologies is still useful

I also learned today while trying to find ghp rebates by state that recently passed their Senate Bill 1536.

It was sparked by the event of 2021 and will dedicate funds for:

- a deployment program
- grants/rebates for installation of heat pumps by landlords (fuck landlords tho)
- create a "Community Cooling Center" program for extreme heat events
- Cooling Needs Study to identify existing cooling in government-supported housing + barriers to cooling access

Heat pumps! They're great for heating, but they use reversible refrigeration cycles, so also, good for cooling (and yes, they're different from reversible air conditioners!)

What does it look like for countries to be able to decide for themselves what they want their energy infrastructure to look like, instead of having US ideals pushed on them?

Destenie Nock discusses her work on "Equitable Energy Planning in SubSaharan Africa". I got to meet Charles, who also discusses his work with his home country of Ethiopia in the video, a few months ago. Super chill guy!

@pixouls I hadn’t heard the bill called that, but it’s a great tagline.

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