Do you have a favorite non-conventional search engine for the small web?

hyperlinking the ones that come to top of mind on https for convenience, if anyone takes a peek at this thread ( @cblgh ❤️)

almost forgot the projects by kicks condor!

also tim holman :) (known for the useless web and other amazing generative art)

> Personal sites aren’t a quest for web domination. The indie web is an expression of digital freedom. They don’t need to be mainstream, they don’t need to be works of art. They just need to be allowed to exist, even in the outer reaches of the web! There is a sad reality, yes, BUT, so fucking what? Let the indie web exist and if anyone wants help with a digital garden landscape that is a personal site, you are here to help where you can. This isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about having the option to create something of your own if you are bothered. Most aren’t, sure. But some are, and those people should be celebrated which is why The Forest exists.

A somewhat depressing realisation

@pixouls I *love* The Useless Web! I didn't realize that was the creator's name


So I think I finally found the answer to my question about what can I do to help people go back to personal sites: nothing.

@Pixel Oliver 🍄

Really something. hosted on GitHub purely corporate Megabig-tech. Is this a contest how to host the tiniest website on largest corporate datacentre?
@Pixel Oliver 🍄

Really something. hosted on GitHub purely corporate Megabig-tech. Is this a contest how to host the tiniest website on largest corporate datacentre?

@pixouls Do you know of a way to check total transferred/uncompressed size on mobile? Perhaps a web service?

@pixouls oh damn, these sites are awesome!
thanks for sharing this

@Pixel Oliver 🍄 I am not sure what you mean by Low-tech. The first site (Low Tech Directory) is hosted on Neocities with 1000 other sites on one IP so I was curious what low-tech this is and found " our recently deployed 11-datacenter global anycast caching CDN..." So i guess this is not low-tech at all. Maybe you mean Simple-HTML sites hosted on corporate providers or how many of them are truly low-tech solutions in terms of hardware and sustainable energy?

@pixouls dear lord, so much internet to explore. thank you!

@pixouls ohh this is such a great list of webrings to test lieu against, thank you pixel!


thank you for this list! I tried The Forest a while back but the unlisted nature of it was a bit of a headache, I wish more webrings used descriptions of sites too as it's a pale imitation of a proper links page.

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