a book about a bug and a entomologist who go on a journey to find out what kind of bug the bug is. "oh, you want to know what kind of bug i am? huh, i want to know too." they search through thousands of book and ask all kinds of people.

feel free to reply with where else u think the story should go.


maybe in the end, the bug and the entomologist are all tired and are sitting around and ask

"well, buggy, what do you! know about yourself?"

and finally the bug describes what it likes to eat, their favorite kind of rocks, their first memories in the world, and finally the entomologist laughs and said, "oh, then i know exactly what kind of buggy you are?"

and the buggy is like, "what, huh?"

and then the entomologist just describes all those things to the buggy back. and that's just it. that's the bug they are.

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and then maybe they publish that book, the book about the buggy all from the perspective of the buggy. and then all the other bugs are like neat! i wanna tell my story too! and then we just get a lot of books about bugs XD.

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@pixouls what if all the drawings are from buggy's perspective so you never see what it looks like and can fill it in with your imagination

@pixouls imagine this as a text-only interactive fiction where you are the bug and the sort of buggy you end up as depends on how you answer questions along the way, like, entomologist says "well do you think you look more like this caterpillar or more like this cricket"

@rabbithearth omg yesss! that would be great

what if buggy was you all along 👀

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