a book about a bug and a entomologist who go on a journey to find out what kind of bug the bug is. "oh, you want to know what kind of bug i am? huh, i want to know too." they search through thousands of book and ask all kinds of people.

feel free to reply with where else u think the story should go.

maybe in the end, the bug and the entomologist are all tired and are sitting around and ask

"well, buggy, what do you! know about yourself?"

and finally the bug describes what it likes to eat, their favorite kind of rocks, their first memories in the world, and finally the entomologist laughs and said, "oh, then i know exactly what kind of buggy you are?"

and the buggy is like, "what, huh?"

and then the entomologist just describes all those things to the buggy back. and that's just it. that's the bug they are.

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and then maybe they publish that book, the book about the buggy all from the perspective of the buggy. and then all the other bugs are like neat! i wanna tell my story too! and then we just get a lot of books about bugs XD.

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@pixouls what if all the drawings are from buggy's perspective so you never see what it looks like and can fill it in with your imagination

@pixouls imagine this as a text-only interactive fiction where you are the bug and the sort of buggy you end up as depends on how you answer questions along the way, like, entomologist says "well do you think you look more like this caterpillar or more like this cricket"

@rabbithearth omg yesss! that would be great

what if buggy was you all along 👀

@pixouls Entomologist/Bug should have either a AT Finn/Jake relationship, where they are bestest friends and bug wants to learn more about themselves. OR the Carl/Russell dynamic from Up, where jaded/old meets young/innocent.

@paul hooo omg, the Finn/Jake backstory reality is sooo deep tho. i would love for more of that.

@paul redo all the AT openings so that it's jake the "dog?" and fin the "human?"— like a question

@paul i also think this is a good idea because then the story of buggy and entomologist would not be as exclusively focused on answering questions about buggy from each episode or story arc, but also deeper into the people they meet and the environment theyre in

@pixouls what sorts of people?

also, bugs don't usually talk. So, is this a world where it's normal that bugs talk? Is the entomologist like a Dr.Doolittle for bugs? Or like a Ratatouille/Pikachu Detective situation where the entomologist can selectively only understand buggy.

(sorry, I know this is a book, but I watch a lot of TV so that's all I got)

@paul i dont know yet. could be other animals, could be rocks, could be librarians, could be some street performers.

i was thinking this as an "everything is animate" so anything u say can talk will talk. or maybe not all rocks talk but this rock you happen to be meeting at the moment does.

@pixouls yeah, I like the "everything is animate" concept. Lot's of flexibility.

Also, where are they? When are they?

@paul i dont have a concept of when. i know adventure time takes place during the plausible future, but i would imagine interacting with things that dont make sense in terms of linear time. they go to a beach and find a message in a bottle from a time that bottles or paper should not have even existed yet.

where they are doesnt necessarily matter too much either, they would likely only stay one planet but maybe have some space time aberrations to interact with other universes. essentially implied that the bug is from the one planet bc it is the planet it calls home, but it's not really made explicit in the end if the bug is otherworldly

imagining this as a story a parent would tell their child before bed, i could imagine any individual making it up as they go based on their own experiences.

@pixouls I guess a better question to ask would be how familiar are they with their surroundings? Finn and Jake have their treehouse as a radius of familiarity, with Ooo generally ranging from reasonably familiar to comfortably unfamiliar. Then, nightosphere, mars, prismo world, etc all skew towards uncomfortably unfamiliar.

Buggy and Doc could both be uncomfortably unfamiliar characters on a strange world. Or maybe the environment is comfortably familiar to the excited Buffy, but uncomfortably familiar to the old Doc, etc.

@paul ooh haha buffy the vampire slayer? XD

i would say buggy has only mainly stayed in the forest, but in terms of going beyond the forest, they have a blurry memory — unsure

the doc has traveled around before but maybe got called to this area of the ambiguous "country" to do new research. so they're familiar with navigating forests and brush but not with seeing this buggy.

maybe overtime, since the doc has mainly stayed in towns near natural environments, staying to themselves, they notice parts of the worlds changing or just parts theyre not familiar with. maybe there were always space time aberrations, the doc is disquieted, buggy is unsure but is open to the idea (what position is buggy in to judge?)

it could be to the effect of kino's journey, where they travel around and interact with different countries, or maybe the unknown is "the city" or the vastness of the ocean.

@pixouls @sireffe i would def buy such a book and read it to my kids. cool insect facts? a journey of self-discovery? hell yea

@pixouls I just read this whole thread and now I want to explore this world together with fellow fediverse netizens. How set are the names for this world? Is buggys "real name" buggy or is that a nickname that buggy has been given by this professor. I also wonder what the "native" language that the bug might speak and how the story would differ when told by the bug versus the professor. if the whole thing is a text adventure can it be played by either character?

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