The kit was originally for painting some city sky line thing but I didn't want that obviously. I forgot the pains of physical painting when you can't just adjust opacity or when you run out of paint (I knew I would run out of red so I did the background first). I finished the background now but I'm going to let it dry before posting the final version.

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Also my arms and legs are covered in paint oops
Rational brain: just peel the seals of the paint bottles
Artist brain: poke fingers right through the seal so the paint sprays everywhere. Do this 5 times.

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Why did I paint this, what's going on in Burma? 

For over 100 days, Burma has been burning. Over 800 have been killed and thousands displaced. After decades of military rule, Burma had a semblance of a democracy for about six years before this January, when another military coup began. I have extremely worried for my mother who has spent years despite travel warnings to work in the same orphanages and rural communities that she grew up with. This painting is for her. It is for my first language. For my favorite food to eat. Putting up this symbol means we will not be able to return to our home country and would warrant our arrest if we tried. My family members have been arrested in the past. Please pray for my people. The international community has always ignored Burma and the humanitarian crimes of the military but we truly need your help more than ever now if our people are to be free.

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