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Why Trust A Corporation to Do a Library’s Job?
Presented by Library Futures and the

currently discussing, how did google position itself with libraries and change our understanding of how services like it (amazon, good reads) manage our data.

"institutional memory is non-existent for google" - @jomc

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google mimicked the power of libraries because libraries themselves already had power

in such case, then what is the role of local free libraries as information centers in contrast or relation to google...

what would it mean for a library to also run social spaces?

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now talking about library futures, and the dynamic between publishers and libraries as the ebook industry expands?

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keeping in mind, the physicality of being able to be in a library without having to pay to be there to read physical buildings is not the same dynamic online...

"ebooks are put under artificial scarcity to run a market, ultimately harming the community" - Jennie Rose Halperin

imagining: what is an equitable publishing to library ecosystem?

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"a library is here to improve your quality of life, but google isn't here to make you happy (other than to drive you to consume and buy more of things they think you *should* want)"

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@pixouls thanks for watching and participating in the chat :)

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