@pixouls when we meet we trade faces, or flowers in this case.

@pixouls I didn't know you had the potential to be the maker of such beautiful things :blobhearteyes:

@mms thank you uwu. i hesitate to call myself an artist sometimes but i do occasionally make the things

@pixouls You could always create an alias and call them the artist. I would gladly follow and support them.

@pixouls oh I love this. Gotta say you are one of my favorite new people here on the fediverse. I am always excited to see what you post next. It seems our interests align quite often.

@liaizon 😳 😭 what omg! that's so sweet of you. you are also one of my favorite people on fedi and i enjoy seeing your posts too! much love friend!
:luct_warrior: if you'd like a pixel art just let me know (progress may be slow during the academic season)

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