for those where the season is getting warmer, instead of buying ant traps and what not, consider using peppermint oil and bay leaves to naturally ward them off without harming them.

also consider setting up a bee watering station if you can, to create a safe place for bees to get water. be careful to monitor it because still water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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@pixouls Mm, good tips. *makes notes* For ants I had used chili pepper or so back then, and that -seemed- to help ward them off. Those ant poison stuff seemed to help them in the wrong ways. :P

How does one set up a bee watering station? Just shallow bowls with water in it?

@trinsec there a few guides online but the idea is to have a basin of water that also has spots for bees to land, such as by filling them with rocks.

to discourage mosquitos, change this water about once a week. within means that this is form of water usage is accessible to you.

here's some examples

@pixouls Those DIY watering stations look cool, looks easy enough. I only hope they're not also going to aid the wasps here, those menaces are outright assholes.

@trinsec ah yes, i am lesser familiar with wasps.

my friend recently said to beware the "wasps that are cosplaying bees", because they have something to hide lol. either way, best of luck and take care.

@pixouls especially if there are pets around.
We have a orange peel solvent that works amazing.

@JoYo interesting! i haven't heard of that before but makes sense!

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