This is a friendly reminder that if you find yourself wrapping things up earlier than expected by chance, that you can sleep. You can and always have had permission to sleep. You do not need to keep staying up to work more, to get ahead. You can sleep now and tomorrow will still come and you will still be complete. You will still be you. You do not need to earn sleep. You do not need to pay a debt to sleep. You've have done so well and with that comes sleep and you will continue to do so well.

At the beginning of my meetings with one of my project mentors, I always ask a question to share. What was the most memorable live event? What food would you want to take out of this world? The past week it was, where was the strangest place you have ever slept?

My mentor couldn't think of one so I changed it to, well, do you sleep faster in the car?

And we talked about falling asleep on car rides, and the envy we have for children who's parents drive them around so that they'll fall asleep.

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@pixouls usually it's 2am and I still haven't worked and I still want to work 😓​

@theruran and I am still proud of you. And I am still thinking of you. And I still believe in you. 2 am. 2 pm. 2 years from now and on, I still will. You will sleep, and wake up, and play go. You will get quite good at go (you always have been). You will eat good food. You'll find chances to write. You'll have difficult times that will never leave you. You'll have times that will always lead you. And morning and night won't quite make a difference. What you do will always be good.

@pixouls I sleep far too well in cars. I've frequently fallen asleep during 5 minutes car rides without even trying to.

@montagsoup you sit in an cushioned seat and the rumble of the car ride pushing itself up against memories with hums in the background for scenes of being: cradled, rocked, held. The smell is new or nostalgic or makes you nostalgic for what is new. And you remember until you don't and then you wake up and you know your body will remember even if you don't. Your body has remembered and it is healing.

@pixouls I think the most relaxing part is that there's so much around and so much to see but none of matters and in moments it'll be replaced with something new. I can just watch the world and never get bored, but I can also just close my eyes and forget about it all and not miss anything.

@pixouls This is beautiful and so, so true. Thank you for this toot.

@montagsoup @pixouls My ex used to do that and it was kind of frustrating for me. We'd get in the car for what was going to be a multi-hour drive and instead of having a conversation he was out like a light.

He said his parents trained him to sleep in the car. I do not approve.

@pixouls “sleeping faster in a car”! genious! that would explain why i always sleep so well in cars! I actually excuse my occasional oversleeping by arguing that i slept too fast for my alarm to be able to stop me. It works at least one time per boss. 😅

@pixouls I love this, thanks for the reminder. I agree wholeheartedly, there's always tomorrow!

PS this is just so kind in general and self-care focused

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